It Rained In Bangsar Last Week



Bangsar at 7:40pm, 5 February 2017



Johan Sopiee is a resident photographer with – International Wedding & Portrait Photography

Johan Sopiee is a resident photographer with – International Wedding & Portrait Photography

Please note that Johan does not shoot weddings under the brand Johan Sopiee Studio.
For wedding photography,  please visit

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Buying Cameras and Lenses in Malaysia

Buying Camera and Lenses in Malaysia is as easy as ABC.. once you know how.

Part 1 – Buying new items eg cameras, lenses, flash and all other DSLR related equipment
1. Identify the area or where you want to visit eg KL or PJ, etc.
2. Source for a list of camera shops / suppliers in that area eg.
3. Call the shop to make sure they have the item you want in stock eg YL Camera, Lot PG-23, Ground Floor Of Lot 33 Shopping Center, Jalan Semangat, Section 13 PJ (phone 0375986163)
4. Ask the shop if they only accept cash or they can do credit card as well (if credit card, how many percent extra do they charge)
5. Ask them what time they open and what time do they close (and ask for parking tips or transport tips as well)
6. Visit the store and test the item before purchasing it (some shops do not allow testing of DSLR cameras as this will increase the shutter count – when buying make sure it’s not a Demo Unit)
7. Ask them if the price is firm or negotiable. If firm, ask they are there any freebies (free screen protector, free filter, free bag, free memory card, free tripod?)
8. Ask them if it is a Malaysian unit or if the item is an import unit (imports are cheaper and don’t have a full Malaysian warranty – import sets sometimes have a warranty from only that shop)
9. Purchase your item and ensure you are safe as you leave the store eg the Pudu Plaza area can be quite scary for the uninitiated
10. ENJOY!

Part 2 – a list of my favourite shops (and why i like em so much) – list of more shops coming soon
JST Aquacam, Berjaya Times Square – website1 , website2
YL Camera, PJ – website1 , website2
YL Camera, Pudu Plaza – website1 ,  website2
DigiColor – website
Digitals Mania  – website
J One – website
Bintang Maju, Low Yat Plaza – old promo website
Lots of Camera shops in Low Yat Plaza – great for browsing. ground floor, 1st floor, etc

Part 3 – evaluating second hand cameras and pre-owned lenses – coming later this month
These 2 shops have loads of second hand DSLRs and lenses:-
YL Camera, PJ – website1 , website2
YL Camera, Pudu Plaza – website1 ,  website2

This shops sometimes has second hand items:-
JST Aquacam, Berjaya Times Square – website1 , website2
J One – website

Part 4 – surfing the new for DSLR related second hand buying and selling info
Free Trade Zone  – – unmoderated and risky (but high risk, high gain. i’ve found some gems here!)
PhotoMalaysia Forum – – lots of good deals to be found from trustworthy (generally) buyers and sellers (PM does not allow editing of posts when selling items)
ShutterAsia Forum – – less active than PM but when i sell items, i can edit my posts
YL Camera’s second hand items for sale – – if the item is not sold within a few days, they will advertise it here

Nadia, my wonderful daughter

need one say anything more?


there is a time and place for everything

such is the gift of life

Dedicated to the all the wonderful people in my life.
With Love,
Johan Sopiee

i used to live in an apartment

and this was the view out my window
KL sunrise
this image was captured in July 2007

07Jan06: Aishah Sinclair + Shahnaz : Solemnization / Nikah ceremony

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This is the Nikah ceremony between Aishah Sinclair and Sheikh Abdul Shahnaz held in the morning of Saturday, 7 January 2006

Aishah’s make-up session

Preparation : Aishah’s make-up session
















Ashraf walks in to make sure Aishah Sinclair is on track and on time for her Nikah

Aishah's brother, Ashraf, walks in to make sure her sister is on track and on time for her Nikah














As I’ve known Shahnaz and Aishah since LP80 days, it was easy to capture her moments. Notwithstanding the fact that Shahnaz’s such a cool dude and she’s such a sweet lady, we shared many special moments that day.

hehe.. one such moment

hehe.. one such moment















Many muslim brides in Malaysia adhere to requests made by family members to wear the hijab or tudung during a Solemnization / Nikah ceremony. Aishah is one such person. I respect her for embodying the modern Malay muslim woman in Malaysia of today who willingly follows family traditions and Malaysian values. Her Mom, Umi, too, is such a person. They’re such a cool Mom and Daughter team!

Before Nikah | During Nikah | After Nikah

Triptych : Before Nikah | During Nikah | After Nikah


Going off on a tangent, for a while, here is a photo of Umi and the men in her life. Hehe..

The Sinclairs minus Aishah (who, with her hubby, were changing outfits)

The Sinclairs minus Aishah (who, with her hubby, were changing outfits)




As this is my first entry, more updates will be coming soon!